Service and Warranty

Dear buyer! The manufacturer provides a unique service “Care from Magio”. The manufacturer accepts equipment for repair from any locality
Ukraine through Nova Poshta. To receive the service, you need to: call the hotline, leave a request for the Care from Magio service.

Warranty period for all Magio products – 12 months from the date of purchase.

In the presence of a warranty card, the manufacturer assumes the obligation to eliminate all problems free of charge that have arisen through the fault of the manufacturer. Warranty repairs may be carried out at any authorized service center.

Terms of warranty service:

  1. The warranty is valid subject to the following terms and conditions:
  • Correct and clear completion of the original Magio warranty card indicating the date of sale, model name, serial number, the seal of the seller and the signature of the representative of the seller in the warranty card and tear-off coupons;
  • The presence of the original receipt (check) containing the date of purchase.

The manufacturer reserves the right to refuse warranty service if the above documents are not provided, or if the information in them is incomplete, illegible, contradictory.

  1. The warranty is valid subject to strict observance of the rules for operating the electrical appliance described in the instructions, as well as safety rules.
  2. The warranty does not include periodic maintenance, installation, adjustment of the appliance by the owner of the house, as well as normal wear and tear of the appliance.
  3. Cases not covered by the warranty:
  • Mechanical damage;
  • Erroneous actions of the owner;
  • Improper installation, transportation;
  • Natural disasters (lightning, fire, flood, etc.), as well as other causes that are beyond the control of the seller and the manufacturer;
  • Ingress of foreign objects, liquids, insects into the device;
  • Repairs or modifications made by unauthorized persons;
  • Using the device for professional purposes (the load exceeds the level of domestic use);
  • Connecting the device to power, telecommunications and cable networks does not comply with the State Technical Standards;
  • Failure of the following accessories of the product, if its replacement is provided for by the design and is not related to the disassembly of the product:

* remote controls, rechargeable batteries, batteries (batteries), external power supplies and chargers;

* consumables and accessories (packaging, covers, belts, bags, nets, knives, flasks, plates, stands, grids, skewers, hoses, tubes, brushes, nozzles, dust collectors, filters, odor absorbers).

  • Working with unsuitable or used batteries, any damage caused by violations of the rules for charging and recharging batteries;
  • For razors - crumpled or torn mesh.
  1. The warranty is provided by the manufacturer in addition to the rights of the consumer established by the current legislation, and in no way limits them.
  2. The manufacturer is not responsible for possible harm directly or indirectly caused by Magio products to people, pets, property of the consumer and / or careless actions (inaction) of the consumer and / or other persons, force majeure circumstances.
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