What foods are essential for baby development?

Of course, quality! The freshest! Without chemistry! – you will answer. And answer correctly. During the development of a child from birth to 5 years, you need to carefully monitor the diet. Especially for baby food! Many do not know that a child’s metabolism is 1.5 times higher than that of an adult, so the daily ration should exceed its energy costs by 10%.

Without fail, the child’s food should include foods containing:

  1. Proteins are the building blocks of bones and cells. There is a lot of protein in meat, dairy products, legumes, seeds)
  2. Fats – are responsible for the immunity of the child and his growth. Fats are rich in fish, vegetable and butter
  3. Carbohydrates give the child the energy he needs, but here you need to be careful not to overdo it with tricks. It is better to choose slow carbohydrates, which are enough in raw vegetables and fruits. So you save the baby from the risk of obesity.
  4. Calcium is an indispensable substance that affects the growth and strengthening of bones, tooth enamel and ensures a normal heart rhythm.

Of course, all these trace elements are found in mother’s breast milk. But what about mothers whose children are bottle-fed? “Finding the right baby formula is quite difficult. But it is possible if you follow certain rules.

Buy baby food only in specialized stores. Food is stored there on special racks with a maintained temperature regime. When deciding on a milk formula, make sure that it matches the age of the baby. Food jars always indicate the desired age of the child for the consumption of this mixture. Carefully study the composition of the mixture of interest and the expiration date.

Keep in mind that the crumbs may have an allergic reaction to the milk formula, so having decided on the mixture, buy 1-2 jars and carefully observe the child – does the baby often spit up, is there a characteristic rash on the body. Otherwise, be sure to replace the mixture with another one. The temperature of infant formula should usually be 37-38 degrees. It is better to warm up in a special electric heater – thermopot. For example, Thermopots MG-965/MG-966/MG-967 have a heating function, which is very convenient for moms.

Choose formulas according to the physiological needs of your child. For example, if the baby has anemia or a tendency to it, you need to pay attention to baby food with a high iron supplement.

If possible, opt for well-known trusted baby food manufacturers – they are more responsible for the quality of the products they supply.

And finally! If the mother has at least a little breast milk, you should not refuse to feed the child with it.

Choose the best for your baby and grow up healthy!