A cup of coffee in the morning is not just a way to wake up, it is an amazingly invigorating ritual. We love spending time in trendy cafes enjoying our favorite drinks. But due to the modern dynamics of life, it is not always possible to find time and enjoy delicious coffee in your favorite place. Fortunately, in this day and age, we don’t have to depend on professional espresso machines or baristas. We will talk about excellent alternative methods of brewing coffee, which are aimed at bringing out the taste of the bean to the maximum. Aeropress, Chemex, French press, Siphon, and Hario are all designed to fill our body’s caffeine deficiency in a more convenient way.


The V60 is one of the most popular manual coffee brewing methods, dating back to 1908. The authors of the outwardly spectacular ritual are the Japanese, who invented this coffee ceremony at the beginning of the last century. V60 funnels are available in plastic, ceramic, glass and metal. They have special grooves that allow air to participate in the brewing process. The advantage of this method is that it helps to draw out all the flavor properties from the coffee bean and to feel the fruity-nutty notes. Procedure: a paper filter is placed in the funnel, medium-ground coffee is poured into it, then water is poured in a very thin stream in a circular motion. To get great coffee, you must be careful and extremely careful when pouring water into the funnel. The flow should be constant and last 3.5 minutes. Tip: Moisten the paper filter liberally before starting to avoid the taste of paper in your coffee drink.

To make coffee you will need:

— Your favorite mug

— Kettle with a thin long spout and hot water 91-95°C

— 20 g fresh ground coffee

— Funnel V60

— Special paper filter

— Electronic balance

— Stopwatch

The modern drip coffee maker MG-348heats and feeds a stream of water into the funnel, allowing the ground coffee to infuse in the same way as in the manual process of making pour-over coffee, fully revealing its aroma. Thanks to the gradual passage of water through the funnel into ceramic cups, all the nuances of the taste and aroma of the drink are revealed to the maximum as if it were prepared by a professional barista.

The coffee maker is equipped with a removable reusable filter – you do not have to use paper coffee filters. This model perfectly combines style and practicality. The sleek black finish is perfect for any work surface. Thanks to the water tank located at the top, the temperatures are optimized. Delivers water heated up to 93°C directly into the coffee mesh, reducing heat loss and making delicious coffee.


The French press is probably the easiest way to enjoy your morning coffee. With this classic tool, which appeared at the beginning of the 19th century, you will become a real barista, and you will be able to choose what strength of coffee to make. What’s more, it’s portable, compact and super easy to clean. Procedure: pour coffee into a transparent glass, brew for 3-4 minutes and then cut off the ground using a press. The main thing to make the coffee tasty is to monitor the grinding of the grain – it should be large and uniform.


Chemex is not only a device for brewing coffee, but also a stylish element of the interior. Thanks to the Chemex, your coffee will taste amazing and oxygenated. You need to insert a paper filter into the funnel, folded three times on one side, and pour coarse coffee. And then – very slowly pour the water from the kettle through the coffee so that it spills through the filter into the flask. Due to the rather coarse grinding and interaction with air, the coffee turns out to be light and fragrant, there is little bitterness left in it, but sweet notes are revealed. The only downside to using a Chemex is that the device can be quite fragile.

To make coffee you will need:

— Chemex

— Special paper filter

— 40g ground coffee

— Hot water


Aeropress is one of the latest inventions in coffee making: it was designed by American engineer and professor at Stanford University Alan Adler in 2005. The device is similar to a large syringe: the water in it is forced by a piston through coffee and a paper filter. Thanks to the paper filter, the drink is very light and clean, without suspension. Compared to other home coffee brewers, the Aeropress does not require any specific skills. To get a decent coffee, you need manual pressure and a little practice. In addition, it can prepare a strong espresso, as well as a drink with a lighter transparent taste. The main thing is to choose the right ratio of water and grain, and keep track of time: grain should be in contact with water for no more than one and a half minutes.

To make coffee you will need:

— Aeropress

— Special paper filter

— 17g finely ground coffee

— Hot water

— Favorite spoon


Siphon is the oldest of the alternative brewing methods. A device similar to a siphon was invented by a certain Madame Vassier in 1841. The first siphon became the prototype for a whole family of coffee machines. Siphon is designed for true coffee snobs! This method will definitely make you feel like a skilled barista.

The siphon looks like a mysterious device from a chemical laboratory: two flasks, a burner, heated water rises up – it looks impressive! Boiling water is poured into the lower vessel, medium-ground coffee is poured into the upper vessel. When the siphon is heated by a gas burner, the water brews the coffee. This design allows you to control the water temperature and soaking time, and the drink itself is clean and transparent, without coffee suspension, but with a dense rich taste. However, coffee in the siphon is brewed quite slowly.

To make coffee you will need:

— Siphon

— 21 – 26g medium grind coffee

— Filter

— Burner

— Thermometer

— Water