Often, girls get bored with the usual haircuts, usual hairstyles, styling and want to somehow diversify their image. In this case, corrugated hair tongs can be very useful, with the help of which it is possible to add volume to the hair, make various unusual and simple hairstyles, shaping both the entire length and individual strands of hair with waves. Hairstyles with corrugated tongs look romantic, interesting and new, allowing you to quickly change the usual image. The big plus of such a hair device is that any girl can create a new look at home, easily and simply.

There are 3 types of corrugated hair styling, depending on the type of nozzle:

  • Large corrugation– great for long hair, makes fairly large waves, most often used for lush styling and looks very impressive.

This type of hair curling iron is represented by Brand MAGIO in a model with removable panels – Hair straightener and corrugation MG-175P 3in1.

Hair straightenerMG-175R has a large ripple attachment, which is perfect for both creating large waves and interesting accents in the hair. The device is equipped with a 1.7m swivel cord with hanging loop. The case is made of high-quality plastic, which does not heat up during operation, and the operating temperature of 180 degrees is reached in just 45 seconds. The plates have dimensions – 25 x 110 mm, with a ceramic coating. Light weight and price make this device simply irreplaceable when creating hairstyles for any occasion.

  • Medium corrugation– one of the most popular types of corrugation, is considered universal, as it is suitable for almost all types of hair, it can also be used for root volume. On medium hair, a ponytail looks very good, in which several strands are worked out with the help of a medium nozzle – this creates a very interesting effect.

This type of pleated hair tongs is represented by Brand MAGIO in a model with removable panels – MG-679 3in1 pleated hair straightener

The MG-679 Hair Straightener and Corrugation has a medium corrugation nozzle that allows you to create beautiful waves thanks to medium and frequent bends on the plates, and is also well suited for basal volume and preparation of hair for subsequent braiding. The 1.7m swivel cord with hanging loop makes it much easier to use the device. High-quality plastic body that does not heat up during operation prevents the material from melting when heated, which is achieved in less than 45 seconds. The ceramic coating of the plates, 25 x 110 mm in size, minimizes trauma to the hair structure and allows you to perform all manipulations quickly and efficiently.

  • Fine corrugation– best used for short hair, and also ideal for basal volume and raising the roots, also, using a fine nozzle, you can work through the entire length of the hair and braid one or two braids – thanks to corrugation, they will look very thick and large.

For this type of pleating Brand MAGIO presents a novelty – Ripple for basal hair volume MG-702

Hair root volume corrugator MG-702 has a beautiful appearance with Soft touch coating, as well as small size, which makes it not only convenient to store, but also easy to use for fine work with hair. Working cloths have floating plates, a ceramic coating and evenly distribute heat, so that the hairs do not overheat, do not become electrified and are not severely injured during the procedure. The model MG-702 has the ability to adjust the temperature from 140 to 200 degrees, which is a great advantage in use. Fast heating (3 minutes) and a long swivel cord (2 meters) with a hanging loop make it easy to use the tongs, allowing them to be used both for home and professional purposes.

Instructions for using pleated tongs and making pleats at home:

  1. Connect the tongs to the network and press the power button.
  2. Comb your hair gently.
  3. Starting from the bottom, separate a horizontal section of hair.
  4. Stick up the excess hair with a hairpin so as not to interfere.
  5. Take a section of hair and place it between the plates of the curling iron.
  6. Starting from the roots and moving towards the ends, pinch the hair for approximately 10 seconds.
  7. Perform the same manipulations with the rest of the strands.

Amazing corrugation is ready!

Tips for using pleated tongs:

  1. Hair must be clean and dry, exposure to hot plates on wet hair can adversely affect their structure.
  2. When using curling irons, be sure to use thermal protection products, they protect the hair from damage.
  3. A beautiful hairstyle directly depends on the thickness of the strands, the thinner the strand, the more voluminous the styling.
  4. Carefully observe the temperature regime of the tongs, for thick and normal hair, a temperature of 200-210 degrees is suitable, and for weakened hair, a heating temperature of 180 degrees is enough.

Using hair tongs with different corrugation attachments, you can create a huge variety of different styles for any length of hair without much effort!