Gone are the days of standing by the gas stove and watching water boil for your cup of tea or coffee. Very efficient devices for quickly boiling water have appeared on the market – electric kettles. The electric kettle must be reliable, durable and ideally suited to the kitchen interior.

There are various types and models, but today we will talk about teapots with a glass body. One of the main advantages of such kettles is the natural taste of water without the risk of getting chemical elements. New technologies for the production of glass teapots have been developed to improve the properties of glass so that it does not burst at extremely high temperatures and can withstand any impact. Teapots with a glass body are very attractive to customers with their appearance. They are stylish, and the boiling process itself is a real show.

The 21st century is the century of mass hobbies for a healthy lifestyle and concern for the environment. MAGIO brand moves with the times and presents to your attention an electric transparent kettle MG-501, made using the latest Eco Glass technology.

This handsome 1.7L MG-501 is designed to make a cup of tea in an instant! The case is made of transparent heat-resistant glass, so there is simply no place for unpleasant aftertastes or even substances hazardous to health to appear in the water. The kettle is equipped with a blue backlight that effectively lights up when boiling water and turns off automatically at the end of the process.

When the button is pressed, the lid opening mechanism works gently and smoothly, eliminating splashing of condensate from the lid. The large plastic handle, which is located away from the body, provides comfort and safety.

Thanks to the automatic shut-off function, you do not have to watch and wait for the water to boil. The kettle will turn itself off. Automatic shutdown of the kettle with heated water has several advantages: extreme energy savings and, most importantly, water that does not boil over. The hidden heating element provides fast boiling, reliability and ease of cleaning the kettle, and the built-in controller protects against overheating.

Also, a removable scale filter, which is installed in the “spout” of the kettle, simplifies the process of washing the device and reduces scale ingress into tea by 80%. With an already purchased kettle, pay special attention to descaling – this way you will extend the life of your electronic assistant. To remove scale particles from the filter, rinse it and clean it with a brush under running water. If heavily soiled, place the filter overnight in a weak solution of table vinegar or lemon juice.