Imagine a picture: a spring morning, the kitchen is filled with the smell of freshness that burst through the window and the aroma of freshly squeezed carrot-apple juice. Bright, juicy colors of juice “play” only in a misted glass, but they promise a flavoring “bomb” you will hardly take a sip!

Let’s change the scenery: a winter evening, the house is warm and cozy, frost draws patterns on the glass. You are holding a bowl filled with pomegranate-ginger juice with a burning taste and pleasant warmth that penetrates into every cell of the body. Sounds appetizing, doesn’t it? But, unfortunately, few of us can boast of the habit of drinking freshly squeezed juice daily, citing lack of time.

With the Magio MG-192 juicer, you only need a couple of minutes to get a healthy drink! With a decent power of 800W and two speed settings, this assistant will allow you to squeeze the maximum of useful nectar. Press the juicer button – and the freshest juice is ready!

After all, it is no secret to anyone that freshly squeezed juices, in addition to excellent taste, are also a storehouse of vitamins. In freshly squeezed juices, the concentration of biologically active substances is high, and after regular use of juices, the metabolism will work in an accelerated mode. You will notice how the condition of the skin, hair, and the body as a whole improves. Good mood and cheerfulness will accompany you even in bad weather. And it’s all thanks to freshly squeezed juices!

You can please not only yourself, but also loved ones with healthy yummy. Especially if there are children in your family, who are often very fond of juices. With the Magio MG-192 juicer, which has an automatic lock function, the process of making juice from fruits and vegetables can be turned into an exciting game without fear for the health of your active kid who may want to personally inspect the juicer . In this case, the automatic lock function will work, and the child’s health will be safe.

With daily use of juices, it is important to remember that you need to prepare a drink immediately before taking it, because after 2-3 minutes, the biologically active substances contained in it will begin to break down. Also, it is most useful to drink fresh juice 30-40 minutes before meals, as it will have time to be absorbed into the stomach and enter into metabolic processes.

Do not be afraid to experiment and try to combine different vegetables and fruits, for example, pomegranate and beets, discover new taste qualities, use only fresh products and the effect will not take long – you will be cheerful, full of energy and active! And… of course, be healthy!