What separates a good cup of coffee from a great one? These are freshly ground coffee beans. And there is nothing more pleasant than using a coffee grinder to grind your own coffee beans.

You have probably seen automatic coffee grinders in the market or at your local coffee shop. These coffee grinders help speed up the brewing process and enjoy it from grinding beans to a finished cup of coffee. Automatic coffee grinders are a completely unique gadget.

Why shouldn’t you grind anything other than coffee in a coffee grinder?

You can’t grind anything else in it, such as peppers or breadcrumbs, because coffee will instantly perceive the smells and tastes of other products, and the drink will be spoiled.

It is also forbidden to grind sugar in a coffee grinder, as the coffee grinder will quickly fail. When grinding, the knives heat up and the sugar melts strongly, which leads to a malfunction of the device.

If you grind peppers or other products, then for this purpose it is better to have a separate grinding device. Since you will not be able to clean it perfectly after each product, it is possible that your coffee will be with extraneous odors. For the same reason, you should not use food processors. Their coffee grinder is suitable just for all sorts of crackers and sugar.

Therefore, the best option is to grind only coffee in a coffee grinder if you really want to fully enjoy the taste and aroma of this drink and prolong the life of your appliance.

Brand MAGIO presents you a coffee grinder MG-200.

MG-200 coffee grinder with stainless steel blades will fill the kitchen with a wonderful aroma of ground coffee. Stylish white color is a win-win solution that will become an original accent in your kitchen interior. The power of the device is 150 W, which allows you to finely grind grains and make delicious coffee. The coffee grinder has a compartment for storing the cord, which allows you to conveniently store the kitchen appliance in the closet. Smooth start of the engine and a housing made of high-quality plastic that is pleasant to the touch guarantee reliability and durability.

You have already bought aromatic coffee beans, a coffee grinder you like, and before you start the sacrament of preparation, the question arises: how to grind coffee correctly?

♦ Coarse grinding: coarse grinding, with grains up to 0.8 mm. It is well suited for brewing in geyser coffee makers and French presses. The extraction time of such coffee is from 6 to 8 minutes.

♦ Medium grind: Considered to be the optimal and versatile coffee grind as it can be used for a variety of coffee brewing methods. Extraction time from 4 to 6 minutes.

♦ Fine grinding: reminiscent of very fine sand, slightly larger than powder. Most suitable for brewing coffee in cone, drip coffee makers and espresso machines. The extraction time for fine ground coffee is from 1 to 4 minutes.

♦ Fine espresso grind: a special grind for espresso machines in which a jet of hot water is forced through the ground beans.

♦ Powdery, ultra-fine grinding: very fine grinding with grains up to 0.15 mm. Coffee powder, crushed almost to dust, will quickly be able to absorb all the aromatic oils. It is mainly used when brewing Turkish coffee in a cezve.

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