An iron is an indispensable and necessary appliance in any home, and since it will be used more than once, the selection process should be approached with all responsibility. All irons have the same task, but they are all so different. One of the main factors when choosing an iron is soleplate material. The type of soleplate you choose affects the quality of the iron, its efficiency and the cost of the device. In this article, we will look at the benefits of ceramic soles.

Ceramic soles are actually a ceramic coating, not a whole plate made of ceramic. Ceramic soles are quite durable, but their main advantage is their ability to neutralize static electricity even at high temperatures. This non-stick surface distributes heat evenly and efficiently for smooth ironing. These irons are effective on synthetic materials as they are less prone to sticking and do not create any static electricity. However, models with ceramic soles are more expensive than stainless steel models.

MAGIO brand introduces you MG-535

Stylish and heavy duty, this MG-535 iron is packed with great features to make you love ironing.

The body of the iron is made of high-quality heat-resistant plastic, pleasant to the touch.

Power is 2400 W,which provides quick heating of the sole to the set temperature and efficient ironing of things.

High-grade ceramic soleplateguarantees perfect gliding on the surface of the fabric, while thoughtful shape and special holes – even distribution of steam for easy wrinkle removal.

The iron is equipped with auto-off function, necessary for modern society. The appliance will automatically turn off if left unattended.

Powerful steam boostallows you to master the most difficult places, smooth out heavily wrinkled and dry things.

Vertical steam allows you to tackle curtains or coats without removing them from the hanger, and is also ideal for delicate fabrics.

The Anti-Drip System will prevent water from getting on clothes that do not have time to turn into steam at low temperatures. It will save you from permanent stains on your clothes!

In order to moisten and improve ironing quality, irons are equipped with a water spray function.

Descaling your iron regularly will keep the steam output longer and improve your ironing efficiency. This is helped by the self-cleaning system, which is capable of pushing out all the quarrels and scale accumulated in it with the help of a powerful steam jet.

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