An iron is so necessary, so useful and so … familiar. Probably, every family has its own “iron helper”, because the iron was invented by man in the 4th century BC, his homeland is Ancient Greece, and after so many centuries, nothing has been invented that could serve as a worthy replacement for it. Therefore, often the iron, in view of its familiarity, is not given due attention, buying the first one that comes across, “just to iron it.” But a modern iron over the years acquires more and more additional functions that can make life much easier. Do you still use an old, simple iron, reminiscent of heated cobblestones from antiquity? Then our article should turn your ideas about irons upside down. Each modern iron, regardless of price, is a device with many functions, the main advantage of which is the ability to significantly reduce ironing time and accompany them with maximum comfort and ease of use.

If you decide to buy such an iron for home, pay attention to the sole – here you can find a variety of models with high-quality soles. Older models of irons most often have an aluminum soleplate, which heats up easily, cools down easily and also breaks easily. The sole made of stainless steel will please with unprecedented strength, and ceramics has no competitors at all due to its unpretentiousness in care, it glides easily, smoothing out any wrinkles with ease, while accurately maintaining the set temperature so as not to damage the fabric.

Also, be sure to pay attention to the presence of additional protective functions in the iron. In our models you can find such protective features as self-cleaning system, anti-drip, spray, steam boostandvertical steam.

Let’s take a closer look at each function:

Self-cleaning system

Water from the tap is not of special quality, everyone knows this. Therefore, when such a liquid in your iron is converted to steam, scale can form. Naturally, this does not bode well for your iron. In order to avoid such a problem, all our models have a special self-cleaning system, which, with the help of a powerful steam jet, will push out all the quarrels and scale accumulated in it from the iron.

Anti-drop function

Has it ever happened that when ironing at a low temperature, irritating large drops of water flowing out of the iron remained on your clothes? This is because the temperature of the iron is not high enough to convert the water in the iron into steam, and therefore it starts to flow out through the steam holes in the soleplate of the iron. The presence of the “drop-stop” system in each of our irons can solve this problem.

Vertical steam will become indispensable when ironing curtains and clothes decorated with prints, sequins and beads, and with spray (water jet spray) and steam boost</u > (powerful steam at the touch of a button) you will save time and effort by smoothing out the most difficult creases on any fabric.

Powerful steam boost will allow you to master the most difficult places, smooth out heavily wrinkled and dry things.

In order to moisten and improve the quality of ironing, the iron is equipped with a water spray function.

And, it should be noted that soon we will have irons with an indispensable function – automatic shutdown of the appliancera. This means that if for some reason you forget to unplug the iron and it is in a horizontal position, after 30 seconds it will turn itself off. Also, if the iron is left in a vertical position for more than 8 minutes, it will also automatically turn off. This system will become indispensable in a house with small children and forgetful household members and eliminate the possibility of a fire.

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