Every day, girls use various hair styling devices, and recently curling irons and straighteners have become the most popular. The hair straightener is a great hair styling tool that will help you straighten and style your hair, no matter your hair type and length.

The key parameter in choosing flat irons and hair straighteners is the coating of the heating elements. Not only the efficiency and convenience of working with the tool, but also the health of the hair depends on this. Now many manufacturers offer various materials and coatings, but ceramics still remains a more gentle option. Straighteners with ceramic plates will give you beautiful, straight and shiny hair. Previously, only metal or chrome straighteners were used, but they do too much damage to the hair. They unevenly distributed heat, which led to damage to the structure of the hair.

Ceramic coating is more gentle for two reasons:

♦ Ceramic coating is more gentle for two reasons:

♦ Secondly, ceramics are known for their ability to retain heat and heat evenly, making it less likely that your hair will be damaged by heat.

It is recommended that people with thin and sparse hair use ceramic plates, as this type of hair is more susceptible to negative influences.

MAGIO Brand introduces MG-576 hair straightener.

With the hair straightener MG-576you can quickly deal with even the most unruly hair, style it beautifully and give it the desired shape, and this hairstyle will last for a long time.

♦ The body is made of high-quality plastic, pleasant to the touch, which prevents melting when heated and guarantees a long tool life. Absolute simplicity is a key feature of the model.

♦ The surface material of the working plates is two-layer ceramics, which affects not only the final result of the hairstyle, but also the health of the hair. This type of plates causes the least harm, heats up quickly and evenly, glides easily through the hair and prevents electrification.

♦ Maximum usability is achieved thanks to highest ergonomics and balanced weight distribution.

The power of the applianceis 25 W, which contributes to the rapid heating of the appliance.

Your hair will be silky, well-groomed and beautiful!

Tips for using hair straighteners:

– Thermal protection is an essential attribute of care before temperature exposure.

– Comb your hair thoroughly before straightening. This will allow the plates to slide easily through the hair.

– Never use a straightener even on slightly damp hair.

– We advise you to choose strands that are thin enough to easily achieve the best result.

– It is necessary to conduct the straightener evenly and slowly, moving from the roots to the ends of the hair. This will help avoid creases in the strands.

– Do not run the straightener several times over the same strand of hair or hold the straightener in one place for too long.

– To preserve the volume of hair at the roots, it is recommended to start stretching the hair, retreating from the roots by a few centimeters.

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