Every day, whether it is a day off or a work day, a person is faced with a whole “army” of household appliances – an electric kettle, an iron, a hair dryer, a curling iron, a coffee maker, etc. So many appliances, so little time. One job with an iron is worth something – to get a heavy, uncomfortable board, disassemble, unwind wires and cords, then assemble, push into a corner. Unfortunately, few people know about the appearance on the market of the fruit of scientific and technological progress – the fabric steamer – an excellent substitute for an antediluvian iron, coupled with ironing boards and wasted time.

What is this steamer? Nothing complicated – this device, which uses steam to smooth out wrinkles and unevenness on almost any fabric, is a compact and effective substitute for a conventional iron. The steamer, in addition to smoothing simple clothes, is able to cope with the work where the iron will be powerless – for example, “steam” toys, furniture, bed linen, tablecloths or curtains, the latter do not have to be removed from the eaves for this.

And, most importantly, no iron can eliminate stains and unpleasant odors, disinfect and destroy dust mites. The steamer is easy! A nice feature of the steamer is that it can easily smooth out any type of fabric – from silk to drape, regardless of the degree of wrinkling.

The uniqueness of the steamer!

The steamer will easily return a new look and shape to clothes with complex details, pockets, prints, embroidered with sequins, buttons and beads. Agree, because attempts to smooth such clothes with an ordinary iron turn into real torture and, not infrequently, as a result of such “manipulations”, clothes become irrevocably damaged. With the purchase of a steamer, such problems will forever remain in the past. Outwardly, the steamer looks like a small copy of a modern vacuum cleaner; a stand with a hanger is screwed into its body (it may or may not be included). Additionally, the kit with the steamer may include a brush for deep cleaning of dust and dirt on fabric surfaces, a clip that allows you to easily make “arrows” on trousers or sleeves, as well as additionally smooth out uncomfortable areas of cuffs, collars and pockets. A special hanger can also be included in the kit, which will provide additional comfort when steaming clothes.

You can find many models of steamers here!


With power 1450W steam, 1.4L water tank, steam temperature 98˚C, 4 steam settings, included hangers and accessories. This convenient and functional steamer has more than once deserved recognition from the fairer sex. Its secret lies in its convenient, small size combined with excellent functionality and ease of use. It is this steamer that can become an original, and, most importantly, a useful gift for any fashionista who has to face the problem of smoothing out wrinkles on intricately cut, decorated with stripes and decor clothes every day.



The Vertical steamer is a modern device that allows you to iron clothes and home textiles without spending a lot of effort. It also quickly and effectively allows you to process clothes with hot steam, cleaning and disinfecting them. It is impossible to damage even the thinnest and most capricious fabric, neither synthetic nor natural, with a steamer. The product comes into contact with steam only. Power is 1200 W, which is the key to high speed ironing. The steamer has a modern design. The steam output is 20 grams per minute, which allows you to smooth out even the most difficult creases. A vertical steamer with such a set of features will make life much easier, especially if there are children in the house.

                                  MG-320                                                              MG-329                                                               MG-328                                                           MG-326