The hair dryer is one of the most important devices in the girl’s world. However, if you often travel, go on business trips or visit the gym, then your full-size hair dryer becomes bulky and inconvenient for comfortable movement. That’s why today we offer you impressive brand MAGIO travel hair dryers that will save space in your luggage and always look great.

ФЕН MG-150

Compact and lightweight hair dryer MG-150 is the perfect companion for weekend trips, the gym and even long journeys. Thanks to the foldable handle, the dryer fits easily into a gym bag or carry-on. For its compact size, it has a rather high power – 1200 Wt, so the hair dryer will quickly dry your hair without overheating and make it even more silky , well-groomed and beautiful.

The body of the hair dryer is made of high-quality heat-resistant plastic, pleasant to the touch, and its unique ergonomic design guarantees comfortable use. At the same time, it is possible to adjust two temperature modes and two airflow speeds,, which allows you to select the necessary operating modes for each styling and hair type. When overheating in the hair dryer, hot air is turned off and cold air is turned on. Hanging loop and concentrating nozzler for added convenience.

Most users rated this hair dryer for its durability, design and small size.

Also, MAGIO brand released the same model of a road hair dryer, but in a different color – MG-151 hair dryer

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