You do not yet have a mini electric oven and you certainly think that you can do without it? Definitely, if the family consists of a large number of people and the hostess is a jack of all trades, then you can’t do without a full-sized electric stove. But, if there is only you and a cat in the house, or you, a cat and someone else, then a small electric furnace is quite suitable. Why? In it, you can not only heat up food, but also fully cook completely different dishes, and unlike a microwave oven, it does not contain the most harmful microwaves that we have heard so much about. Summer residents will especially appreciate such a stove: you can easily take it with you to the country house and just as easily transport it back home. Another plus in favor of the electric oven is a very convenient way to clean it: the inside of the oven is made of a material that is easy to clean. Therefore, it is enough to walk with a damp sponge – and the stove sparkles again! 


Electric furnaces basically have the same functions as their larger relatives, but still, let’s see what are the advantages of an electric furnace and what you need to pay close attention to when choosing this device.

The main advantage of the electric furnace is compactness and ease of transportation.

Basically, the volumes of electric furnaces vary from 8 to 32 liters. For example, stoves with a volume of up to 10 liters are great for those who have no more than 1 person at home. For a family of 2, it would be appropriate to purchase a stove with a slightly larger volume: from 12 to 30 liters. And for those who have almost a camp at home and often visit guests, a stove with a volume of 45 liters or more, like the Magio MG-253 stove, is well suited.

Do not forget about power, as this is almost one of the main factors on which the taste of your dish will depend. The power of electric furnaces ranges from 650 W to 2200 W. A power indicator of 2000 W, like that of the Magio MG-253 oven, is quite enough not only for heating food, but also for self-cooking dishes, such as roast duck, for example. With this power, the oven heats up very quickly – within 5 minutes.

Pay attention to the convection mode – it must be present in the model you have chosen. What is it? – This is when two heating elements work simultaneously with the fan on the back wall turned on. Simply put, it is the mixing of hot and cold air. This mode is very good because it allows you to make lush pastries and good uniform frying of products.

Another point that is important not to miss: adjustable thermostat. At first glance, this is not such an important detail, but it is only so in appearance. In fact, this is an important function with which you yourself can specify the temperature you need. With the regulator, you will not overdry the dish and easily select the desired temperature regime. Be sure to choose the thermostat where there is a fairly wide range of temperatures. For example, for the entire model range of Magio ovens, the temperature controller changes from 100 to 250 C.

Additional benefits. They should be. Such as:

 backlight, which helps to control the cooking process, because there are some dishes during the preparation of which you cannot open the lid. And so that you do not feel like a miner, it is desirable to have a backlight, like the Magio stove.

– variety of cooking modes. Here you need to be guided by the principle: the more cooking modes, the better and wider the palette of cooked dishes. Therefore, we boldly choose a stove with five functions. And even cooler – with six, like stove MG-253.

timer, automatic shut-off, beeps, additional grills and skewers. You get “in the top five” by purchasing a stove with such devices. Little amenities that will really make it easier for you to cook delicacies!

The choice is still yours. But try to list all the advantages of the furnace yourself. Be sensible and economical and stay with the Magio technique! We won’t let you down!