Every woman knows that a hair dryer is an indispensable assistant, without which today it is simply impossible to create a beautiful and fashionable hairstyle. And with a very useful blow dryer attachment called the diffuser, you can add volume to your hair or create a hairstyle with a voluminous frizzy effect. This special nozzle guarantees an even and gentle distribution of air, due to which the hair is practically not injured. Thus, drying your hair becomes more comfortable and causes minimal damage to your hair.

The diffuser helps dry your hair without making it dry and brittle!

This type of nozzle is suitable for any type of hair, but curly ladies are still the best friend. This is because the diffuser doesn’t disturb your natural waves and curls, unlike a regular blow dryer, which tends to make curly hair look frizzy and unattractive. While people with curly or wavy hair have obvious advantages when using a diffuser, the nozzle is suitable for all hair types. For people with sparse and straight hair, a diffuser is an extremely effective assistant for adding life and volume to hair.

MAGIO Brand presents MG-169 hair dryer with diffuser attachment.

With the hair dryer MG-169 , you can quickly deal with even the most unruly hair, style it beautifully and give it the desired shape, and this hairstyle will last for a long time. This model has high power 2200W, so styling should be quick and easy with it. The body of the hair dryer is made of high-quality heat-resistant plastic, pleasant to the touch, which prevents melting when heated and guarantees a long service life of the tool. And thanks to the Soft Touch coating, the hand does not slip, which makes it even more comfortable to use.

At the same time, it is possible to adjust three temperature modes and two airflow speeds, , which allows you to select the necessary operating modes for each styling and hair type. The hair dryer thus takes care of them and does not allow them to dry out. Cold air supply helps to fix the hairstyle and make it more stable. Comes with a diffuser head that resembles a massaging brush that lifts hair at the roots for fuller volume, plus a Slim Professional Concentrator that helps you create even more extraordinary and extravagant images. Hanging loop for added convenience.

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