Attention! We recommend using medium-ground coffee in this coffee maker.


Attention! If the coffee filter (13) begins to pass coffee poorly or the foam stops forming in the drink. The coffee filter (13) may be clogged and needs to be cleaned.

  1. Remove the coffee filter (13) from the filter holder (12).
  2. Unscrew the three screws holding all the parts of the filter.
  3. Clean these parts with a sponge and/or brush in warm water until all blockages are removed.
  4. Be careful not to damage the coffee filter when washing it.
  5. After, assemble all the filter parts in the same order, fix with screws and install in the filter holder (12).
  6. The coffee maker is ready for use again.




Fault Reason Remedy
Coffee maker won’t turn on Power outlet is not powered.


The mains plug is not fully inserted into the socket.

Make sure your power outlet is working.


Check that the plug is fully inserted into the socket.

Water flows out of the bottom of the coffee maker The water tray is full.


Drain the drip tray.
Coffee leaking from filter holder The filter does not fit snugly against the seal in the boiler, ground coffee got on the edges of the filter. Clear the edges of the filter.


The brewed coffee has a strange smell Incorrect descaling process in coffee maker boiler.



Improper storage of coffee.

Refer to the “Getting Started”, “Descaling” sections and do them several times.


Use freshly ground coffee. Store coffee in a dry, cool place.

Steam does not froth milk Low outlet steam temperature.



The container is too large or not the right size.


You used skim milk.

Fresh milk only after the indicator (5) lights up.


To froth milk, use a narrow tall bowl.


Use only whole milk, fat content 4-6%.

The coffee maker does not turn off with the button, but turns off only when the plug is pulled out of the socket The coffee maker is equipped with protection against accidental shutdown. Press and hold the ON/OFF button (14) for a few seconds.
Coffee is made without crema A feature of the coffee variety. Incorrect coffee grind used. Clogged coffee filter (13). Change the type of coffee. Prepare coffee using a different grind. See cleaning the coffee filter.