Remember the summer days: the sun, a variety of fruits, berries, vegetables and herbs! Every month pleases with something new: sweet apricots in June, sour berries and fragrant herbs in July, and honey watermelons and melons in August. Without a doubt, I want to extend the fruit and vegetable extravaganza until winter. But plastic fruits from the supermarket have no taste or benefit. Juices are high in sugar and low in fiber. And conservation, alas, is not an option: the original taste of the fruit is distorted during processing, and the usefulness of the workpiece is reduced to almost zero. However, there is a way out. Yes, you know about it. The best preparation from a gastronomic point of view is drying!

This device is a great alternative to the tedious manual drying process. With this machine, you don’t have to constantly worry about rain or insects and dust. The principle of use is quite simple: washed, dried, cut the product into slices, put it in the dryer and calmly go about your business. The best way to dry without losing the beneficial qualities of vegetables and fruits and saving personal time is simply unthinkable. And all this with moderate consumption of electrical energy. For example, electric dryer Magio MG-352 whose power is 350 W, is quite economical in the consumption of electrical energy. This seemingly small assistant has impressive potential. Thanks to its spacious volume and divided sections, which are made of food-grade plastic, the device allows you to dry several types of fruits or vegetables at the same time.

Why MAGIO electric dryer?

Because the principle of operation of the dryer works in such a way that the air heated by the stove circulates between the sections and gradually dries the product, while the beneficial qualities of fruits and vegetables are not lost. By purchasing a dryer, you no longer have to run around the yard with trays, “drying” yourself and priceless products under the radioactive rays of the sun and “processing” them with dust. No rain, bugs, midges and dirt, and, consequently, hardened fruit of an indefinite color at the exit! You will be surprised how easy and simple everything is. But drying vegetables and fruits in a dryer is not the limit! By adjusting the temperature regime, the operating range of which varies from 35 to 70 degrees Celsius, you can harvest not only vegetables and fruits, but also herbs, berries, mushrooms, meat and fish. Any product containing moisture can be dried.

In conclusion, I would like to add that dried melons and watermelons are a delicacy that can successfully replace sweets and other sweets and provide you with the glory of a master chef. Choose only healthy and high-quality products. And be healthy!